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This trace and wipe Name Board is the perfect activity for any pre or early school age child that is learning to write and sound their name. It comes with wooden tiles for your child to make their name also.

With a space to trace with their finger, make their name, trace with a marker and write their name it is super fun while also being educational at the same time. Simply use a white board or chalk marker to trace over and wipe clean for the next time.

Chalk markers can be added here.

Board measures A4 size.


Each board has the option of coming in the following fonts;

General (not a particular state font but still easy to trace over)

NSW / ACT – NSW Foundation Style.

VIC / WA* / NT – Victoria Modern Cursive.

QLD – Queensland Modern Cursive.

SA – SA Modern Cursive.

TAS – Tasmania Handwriting Style.

If your not sure of the font you want please check with your school to see which they use.



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Boards come with a protective layer on the front so please peel away before you start. Also if your child writes on the back of the board it will seep into the engraving and be there forever (i know this from personal experience)

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