Easter Bunny Footprint Stencil


Make your little one extra excited for the Easter Bunny to arrive this year, with your very own Easter Bunny Footprint Stencils. Watch the smile on their little face when they see that the Easter Bunny has left a few treats for them to enjoy. Simply place each footprint how you please and sprinkle a dash of flour to create gorgeous little Easter Bunny Footprints.

Each stencil is made with 3ml ply and you will receive 2. Each footprint is 3mm thick, 50cm(w)x20cm(l)



No two feet are identical. You will not get the exact feet shown in the picture. Your unique feet will heavily resemble the feet in the picture but may have slight differences due to the beautiful wood grain patterns, knots, unique wood features, lighting etc.  All of this just means your feet will truly be one of a kind.


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