CVC Boards


Has your little one just started school, or do they love learning at home? These CVC (Consonant Vowel Consonant) Boards are the perfect addition to any child’s craft activities.

A CVC word is a single syllable three-letter word that follows the pattern of consonant, vowel, consonant. Learning about CVC words is an important tool in phonics as it can help children with reading, writing, and rhyming three-letter words. CVC words help introduce children to reading by first learning the sounds of the individual letters, and blending those sounds into one three-letter word.

These words are great for introducing younger students to phonemic awareness, the ability to hear and manipulate the sound in words.

Kit includes the board with vowels engraved on it, a space to write the word and a set of alphabet tiles. You can use a whiteboard marker or chalk marker to write the word. Add a chalk marker here.

The board measurers 41cm x 17cm


No two boards are identical. You will not get the exact board shown in the picture. Your unique board will heavily resemble the board in the picture but may have slight differences due to the beautiful wood grain patterns, knots, unique wood features, lighting etc.  All of this just means your board will truly be one of a kind.


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